War of the Worlds: The True Story (2013)

What if The War of the Worlds really happened?

I am eagerly waiting for this film/DVD to arrive.  Check out these images:



2 Responses to “War of the Worlds: The True Story (2013)”

  1. this looks damn cool!

  2. I have not seen it, but I have a special interest.

    Timothy Hines made his own version of WAR OF THE WORLDS releasing about the same time that Spielberg’s was released. Not only was it a period piece, set in 1898, but it was so faithful to the novel you could follow it page by page.

    Somehow everybody seemed to hate the film. The exceptions being me, my wife, and just about anybody I show the film to, and they think it is really very good. I think the special effects were not supposed to be realistic but stylistic like those of Karl Zeman.

    With a flop on his hands Hines said he was going to modify it or make a new film using using the old film for the SPFX. I think at that time he said it would be called WAR OF THE WORLDS: THE TRUE STORY. The editing could be tighter, but any change beyond that will much disappoint me.

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