Survivor (1999)


I purchased this film on an 8 for $5 Monster Movie DVD pack I purchased at K-Mart. I had a hard time finding the film on IMDb. The one poster I found comes from the German down-load site. This isn’t a bad little alien romp, with an oil exploration crew battling a predator-like creature unearthed in polar ice. Survivor is a retread of The Thing from Another World, Predator, and Roger Corman’s Night of the Blood Beast (1958), but it held my attention. The fades between scenes suggest to me that the film was made for TV.

The monster design is cool and reminded me of a cross between the Thetan (The Architects of Fear), a gray alien and Predator. There’s also a subplot with a “food of the gods” blue ooze that heals people, some decent kills, and really bad acting. Survivor is worth a look, but don’t seek it out beyond a free download or YouTube.


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