Bad Milo! (2013)

Nice guy Ken Duncan (Ken Marino) has a stressful life. He shares a converted bathroom-office with a Miltonesque milquetoast (who is a dead ringer for a young Roger Ebert -did the late film critic once trash director Jacob Vaughan?). He has a schmuck boss Phil (Patrick Warburton). He is missing his quota and serves as a corporate hatchetman, has erectile dysfunction, sees a psychopathic counselor (Peter Stormare) with a parrot (check out his Matango sculpture), is plagued by his mother’s incessant nagging and has a polyp in his butt. His wife complains about not having a kid and that Ken poops and farts a lot. She puts in ear plugs and pops downers to avoid Ken’s bowel movements. Life is not good for Ken.

Oh, the polyp is actually a demon (nick-named Milo) that seeks out and kills the source of Ken’s stress. That is the jest of this film and it totally works. The cast is terrific -Peter Stormare is especially sound as the worldly therapist (“…absolutely no dairy…”) who homes in on Ken’s problem by pulling a book on Mayan “ancient myths surrounding our anus…”. I also like Patrick Warburton playing the Lumbergh role. Bad Milo! is destined to become a cult classic. The film is a twisted mix of two established cult films in Office Space and Basket Case. Bad Milo! is so weird and off-beat it should appeal to fans of horror, satire and dark comedy.

Milo the demon is also a masterful monster creation brought to life by talented puppeteers Bob Mano and Frank Langley. For my money the prosthetic ass puppet Milo works better and has more personality than giant robots, flying body suits, Silver Samurai and other CGI failures of recent Hollywood origin.

Bad Milo! -A modern horror-comedy gem. This is one of my favorites of the year.

One Response to “Bad Milo! (2013)”

  1. Nice review, Barry! LOL! Can`t wait to see this!!!

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