The Fog, Death Waltz Recording Co. LP

The Fog_LP Art_Dinos Champman

This two disc, heavy weight (180 gram) vinyl LP from Death Waltz Recording Co., featuring John Carpenter’s score from The Fog (1980) is a must buy for horror film afficionados —even more so if you are still spinning vinyl. I’m listening to the score now on an old technics platter plumbed through a modest hand-built tube amp and a pair of 6-ohm Jamo speakers and I’d swear John Carpenter and the Bowling Green-Warren County Chamber Orchestra were in my man cave.

I ordered the LP from Amazon UK and it arrived via airmail neatly packed in cardboard with FRAGILE labels. I was surprized at the heft of the LP and jacket, weighing in well over 400 grams and probably in the 1.5 pounds range. The jacket is made of heavy cardboard stock with fantastic cover artwork of a ghostly leper (Blake?) by Dinos Champman. John Carpenter also provides a short essay on the film, included on the back panel of the jacket. I didn’t know that Carpenter had meant The Fog to be an homage to H.P. Lovecraft, M.R. James and other writers of the ghostly macabre.

The LP is manufactured of superb quality and the packaging is sublime. Kudos also to Alan Howarth at Dimension Audio and James Nelson at Digital Outland. The stereo re-mix and mastering echos sounds that go bump in the fog as exemplified by Track 3 – Seagrass Attack, Side C. I wish all LP pressings were this professional. Bravo Death Waltz!

The Fog LP_Side A

A summary of tracks is included below:


  1. Prologue (Houseman Speech)
  2. Theme from The Fog
  3. Mathew Ghost Story
  4. Walk to the Lighthouse
  5. Rocks at Drake’s Bay
  6. The Fog
  7. Antonio Bay


  1. Tommy Tells of Ghost Ships
  2. Reel 9
  3. Main Theme (Reprise)
  4. The Fog Rolls In
  5. Blake in the Sanctuary
  6. Finale


  1. Ghost Story
  2. The Journal
  3. Seagrass Attack
  4. Andy on the Beach
  5. Where’s the Seagrass
  6. Stevie’s Lighthouse
  7. Something to Show You
  8. An Evil Plan
  9. Weatherman
  10. Walk to the Lighthouse
  11. Dane


  1. Morgue
  2. The Fog Approaches
  3. Knock at the Door
  4. Fog Reflection
  5. Andy’s in Trouble
  6. The Fog Enters Town
  7. Revenge
  8. Number 6
  9. The Fog End Credits

The Fog Blake’s Gold LP

Death Waltz Recording Co., UK.

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