Ghouls Night Out Vol. 2 LP


I couldn’t resist this monster music anthology LP from Simpleton Records (#353). Side 1 kicks off with a hip rocking cover of Mancini’s Experiment in Terror by Al Caiola. This juicy selection alone is worth $17. Other highlights include Billy Riley’s sequel (in Wolfman Jack voice) to The Monster Mash, appropriately titled Nightmare Mash.


Side 2 features the haunting saxy Wolf Call by Lord Dent and his Invaders, the Screaming Jay Hawkins’ inspired (Ole) King Kong, by Al Elias, and Joe Johnson’s Gila Monster. I haven’t had this much fun since launching Boba Fett with a D-sized Estes solid fuel rocket engine.

180 grams of bright orange bliss!


2 Responses to “Ghouls Night Out Vol. 2 LP”

  1. That front cover is by Matt Fox and was lifted from Weird Tales, July 1946 (Volume 39, Issue 6). No doubt appropriated rather than licensed given the fast and loose practices of record companies back then.

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