Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2014 Vertigo

Anyone that thinks vinyl is a dead media format should pop into Grand Rapid’s (Michigan) own Vertigo Music on Record Store Day.  The place was lit up with audiophiles, neo-grunge hipsters, purists, retronauts and contortionists bending their bodies in extraordinary ways to grab LP re-issues such as Are You Experienced? (1967) MONO 180gram weight. Think of Jack Black in High Fidelity.  I managed to score Springsteen’s 4 track LP American Beauty (which isn’t very good —Springsteen has lost it), because I am insane waiting in line for crap such as that, but redeemed myself with an orange-gold vinyl reissue of The Doors Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine (a 1972 greatest compilation and the first Doors greatest hits album released after Morrison’s death), a Blue Note 75th single of Albert Ammons Boogie Woogie Stomp / Boogie Woogie Blues, Are You Experienced (MONO), plus some other items.

I had a limited VU black and white pressing of Loaded, but thought to myself why do I need another copy of this?  Someone grabbed it as I motioned to put it back.  The Jimi Hendrix album is really nice. Sometimes these mono re-issues are just sublime and this one was worth my wait.  Kudos to Herm and the guys at Vertigo who did a great job this past weekend.

Vertigo Music Guys

The Doors

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