They Live LP

They Live LP CoverAfter things settled down a bit, I returned to Vertigo Music to see if anything was left over after the Record Store Day maelstrom. I spotted this release from Death Waltz Recording Company, London.  My last Death Waltz purchase was the heavy weight 180gram The Fog, which had gorgeous packaging artwork and sound mastering.

They Live (1988) is an underrated John Carpenter gem. I don’t even have a copy of the film in any media format and it more or less drifted off my radar, but it is one of Carpenter’s best films.  This LP features fantastic and stark album cover artwork and posters by “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin.  The John Carpenter soundtrack is 80’s all the way with synthesizer, piano, and bass harmonica.

Side 1:

  1. Prologue Broadcast
  2. Coming to L.A.
  3. A Message
  4. The Seige of Justiceville
  5. Return to Church
  6. All Out of Bubble Gum

Side 2:

  1. Back To The Street
  2. Kidnapped
  3. Transient Hotel
  4. Underground
  5. Wake Up

Check out the vinyl.



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