Godzilla Hopeful

Godzilla (2014) opens tomorrow in select theaters in the U.S. I have my fingers crossed, but I am preparing for a disappointment. I’m not a fan of the design of the Big G, with stubby feet, round torso and a short muzzle. I’m convinced that the powers that be at Toho dictated the design work in progress, and gave the approval on the final render. We’ll see. I can live with the CGI. The MUTOs look cool and hopefully the climatic battle will deliver. Come Thursday, I hope to see a human story with believable characters, especially the portrayals of scientists and military types. Please no geologists who “study rocks” (Prometheus) or generals that prescribe launching the H-Bomb. I hope the human element is there. Remember Spielberg’s remake of War of the Worlds (2005) and that stupid subplot with his son, his divorce, raising kids (I wish a Martian would’ve eaten Dakota Fanning) as a single dad, and worse that film-killing tangent with Tim Robbins as a pedophile? Let’s have none of that.

I hope to see some suspense. Some folks have stated the early moments reminded them of Jaws (1975). Never ever show the monster right up front. Tease the audience and bring the monster forward slowly. Can we see the monster in sunlight? Does every shot have to be in the dark or in the rain?

I hope the film doesn’t focus on the origin of Godzilla(s). Writers taking directions from studios always have to explain everything. Who cares where Godzilla came from? The Creature is in the Black Lagoon and he wants Julie Adams. That’s all we need. There was no explanation on the origin of Kong. He falls in love with Fay Wray and that’s all you need -Big Ape grabs girl. As far as the Godzilla goes I hope to see a creature that behaves like an animal. Although I am a sucker for Gamera the protector of children, and consider G vs. the Smog Monster a guilty pleasure, society doesn’t need super hero Godzilla. I’m sure he is gonna whip some MUTO thorax, but let’s have realistic battles. Let’s not set this film up for a sequel. I know it’s coming with lots of new monsters, but for once I’d like Hollywood just to make a movie and movie on. Well, let’s see if this is this year’s Pac Rim, which was ok and a decent waste of time, but no King Kong.

Signing off. Godzilla hopeful. They don’t make ’em like they used to.

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