DIY Terrestrial Broadcast TV Antenna


UHF-HD Antenna

Finally fed up with store bought rabbit ear antennas and HD antennas from Best Buy, I built this thing for about $9, based off Gray-Hoverman UHF antenna design.  Most of the parts I had lying around. Here are the parts:

  • 20-inch piece of 2×4
  • Eight wire coat hangers.  You’ll need 16-inch wire for each terminal.
  • 10 flat washers.  I used 1/4 ID 5/8 OD.
  • 10 screws. I used sheet metal screws. They should be long enough to tap firmly into the 2×4.
  • 16 gauge copper wire.
  • Some shrink wrap tubing.  Electrical tape will do.  This is to insulate the copper wire crossovers.
  • One 300-75 ohm coaxial transformer.  About $6 at Radioshack or hardware store.


  • Drill
  • Wire Cutters
  • Saw
  • Dremel Tool
  • Glue Gun, Optional
  • Emery or Sand Paper


  1. Cut 2×4 to 20-inches.
  2. Pre Drill Holes.  The terminals are spaced at approximately 5 3/4 inches.
  3. Add screws and washers. Don’t tighten all the way down.
  4. Clean off copper wire with sand paper.  String wire as shown in image.  At the two location top and bottom use some eletrical tape or shrink wrap to prevent the wires from short-circuiting.
  5. Cut coat hangers to 16-inch.  I roughly center the bend at 8-inch. Form coat hangers into V-shape. The distance should be 3-4 inches between the prongs. Use a dremel tool and a sanding drum to remove all the paint at the bend that will come in contact with the screw/washer terminal. This is important step.
  6. Add and secure the antenna prongs (coat hanger wire).
  7. Secure the spades of the 75-300 ohm transfer to the internal set screws. Third posts down in the image.
  8. I added globs of heat glue to the ends of the prongs for safety.
  9. Fine tune prongs to be flat and symetrical.
  10. Hook up to TV coaxial post.  Position antenna toward transmitter. I basically put antenna in the window.
  11. Go under menu and switch from cable to antenna. Scan for stations.

In west Michigan I locked in 19 stations, including 64.2 Me-TV out of Kalamazoo, which allows me now to watch Svengoolie.  Yippee!

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2 Responses to “DIY Terrestrial Broadcast TV Antenna”

  1. Can you add a tv antenna amplifier to a diy antenna like this? Any worry about voltages or fire? I’m new to the dyi side of this and just don’t want to burn the house down!

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