Inflatable Drive-In Theater

Danny Boy Drive-In Screen

This past Friday I drove out to Ionia, west Michigan, with my brother to check out a bouble bill at the Danny Boy Drive-In.  They had Edge of Tomorrow (enthusiastic yes) and Godzilla playing. Remember going to the Drive-In and the marquee film always played last? Not at the Danny Boy!  Tom Cruise was getting killed right at sunset. I’d say there were 30 to 40 cars of families and couples out there.

The clover and grass field is nice, but tucked away near the Ionia airport (a dinky puddle-jumper prop strip). We watched a few planes take off and land. It’s a bit tricky to navigate to —I was looking for a movie screen, but Google maps put us there.  The screen is an inflatable type, but image quality from the digital projector was good.  The screen is showing some signs of re-inflation/deflation artifacts and weathering, but it did not distract from the film.  Sound quality is bass heavy and tunes into an FM broadcast through your car radio.  We sat on lawn chairs. Having both seen Godzilla, we left after Edge of Tomorrow.

The Danny Boy has a big concession house loaded with the usual. There’s also plenty of activites for kids, with an open field with kick balls. Danny Boy makes an appearance and dances around with kids and fans. I am envious of his lawn chair.

Price was $20 for two and a food permit (my only quibble —Boooo!).

We had a fun time and will return.

Danny Boy and Friend


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