Gamera vs. Garasharp (Unrealized Film)


Gamera vs. Garasharp_Unrealized

This is an unfinished Gamera film from 1971-1972.  My main source of information comes from Wikizilla’s “unmade films” link. I think it was an authentic production, but oddly I haven’t seen it mentioned in some of the standard references on the genre (Galbraith, 1994), and there is scarce info on it on-line (hence, there’s a slim chance it is a fan hoax). It would have been a follow-up to the dismal Gamera vs. Zigra (1971), but Daiei Studios folded in December 1971, but not before leaving some conceptual and amateurish art and a few clips on the table. Stuart Galbraith refers to a movie Gamera tai Leoman as a follow-up to Zigra, so I am not sure these were the same productions.

Gamera vs. Garasharp (Gamera tai Garashāpu) features what appears to be a giant cobra-like creature with a bizarre orb-like tail with an articulated gyro-thing and a head with flexible harpoon appendages.   The Wikizilla link also refers to another crab-like monster called Marukobukarappa, but this creature’s role is not known.  A reconstruction of portion of the film is included below. Looks fun and Gamera’s eyes are a great improvement from earlier films.




More from Wikizilla


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