Thoughts on Rey

Rey_TFAStar Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) improves upon the second viewing. I could better focus on the characters, myriad background details, story and score now that the plot, rehash of familiar ideas and Han Solo’s fate had been established.  Now that I could just sit back and watch, two possible clues to Rey’s origin popped out at me: 1) in her home —a relic AT-AT, on a shelf, we catch a glimpse of a cloth heirloom, which appears to be a rebel pilot doll, with orange and white colors, and 2) she sits outside of the AT-AT wearing a rebel pilot’s helmet.  J.J. Abrams may be planting MacGuffins or perhaps these are foreshadowing clues.  These are further hints that Rey is Luke’s daughter. But it can’t be that easy can it?

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