Sam Cooke Got it Wrong

Here another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody….    

Another fella told me he had a sister who looked just fine….

Instead of being my deliverance, she had a strange resemblance to a cat named Frankenstein….

Ask most kids who the above is and they will invariably respond Frankenstein! Even recording artist Sam Cooke got it wrong, but monster movie kids know better: this is the monster or Doctor Frankenstein’s creation. Boris Karloff called him his old friend. I usually call him Franky and there’s even a classic model kit called Big Franky paying homage to the big guy.

Ah, he’s still Frankenstein to most folks. 

The townies are so mortified of him and his creator that the moniker just fits as being one in the same. The name translates to Fränken Stone or “Franconia Stone”. This would be a terrific name for a Bavarian beer. There’s even a German style of beer where a white hot stone is thrown into a volume of wort, serving as a nucleus for caramelization, then retrieved and added to a secondary fermentation. This is stone beer.

Keep up the good work Franky and don’t let those townies bring you down. You’re legend and a pop culture icon!

They don’t make ’em like they used to….

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