Thoughts on BM v SM: DoJ



At two and a half hours, Zack Snyder’s film is essentially a director’s cut with all the crappy stuff that should have been chopped, intact.  I think somewhere in that mess is an entertaining film, but the script was just riddled with lost opportunities, dead ends, exposition and incomprehensible dialogue mostly spewing from Lex Luther’s (Jesse Eisenberg) mouth. Some of the dream sequences seem more coherent now, after I revisited Miller and Janson’s epic graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns (1986) —these include flashback sequences manifested as a bat-demon haunting, yet another depiction of Wayne’s parents murder (down to a broken pearl necklace), Bruce falling into a pit of bats, and other sequences borrowed from the novel. The desert sequence made no sense to me, and I suspect it was also adopted from a comic storyline.

Affleck was ok, but I don’t think he nailed it. I rank him better than Clooney, Kilmer and Bale (who I never liked in that role) and at least on par with Keaton. To be honest, I have never liked any of the casting choices for Batman, including Robert Lowery (1913-1971) in the 1949 serial Batman and Robin! I won’t mention Adam West as that is different (campy) representation of the Batman character.

In some ways I wish the producers and Snyder would have just tried to adapt The Dark Knight Returns (which is also asking for trouble), which has Superman as a lesser character. Dawn of Justice seemed more about Batman. Man, Cavill’s delivery was just thud and after every dull speech he takes off with a sonic boom that punctuates the dullness.  I’ve never seen Superman so uninteresting.

On a positive note, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) seems like a good casting decision. I also liked Jeremy Irons as Alfred, but his talents were not fully used. Hopefully we’ll see more of him as the Justice League moves forward.

Rating. 5 out of 10. Not as bad as some critics are saying. It’s better than Green Lantern, which isn’t saying much. DC continues to disappoint.

Oh, and check out this deleted scene. Maybe we will see more of this in a 3 hrs version Director’s Special Edition Director’s Cut….

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