Babel Fish

This is so bizarre to me. Jung coined the term “synchronicity” or a meaningful coincidence. How it might be meaningful to me I have no idea. Here’s the story—

Last night I picked up a 4-pack of Nordic lingonberry sour ale from a local tasting room brew pub “Speciation”. The ale had a vaguely familiar whimsical fish on the label.

This morning I was flipping through random crap on the internet and the BABEL FISH pops up. It’s the same freakin’ thing on the beer label! Obviously, the folks at Speciation are fans of the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, but I’m still weirded out about the coincidence.

Babel Fish Hearing Aid

One Response to “Babel Fish”

  1. The name’s a Hitchhikers reference as well, to the Great Green Arkleseizure, who according to the people of Viltvodle 6, sneezed the universe into existence. It was a throwaway joke in the series and books but they made quite a thing of it in the movie.

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