The Thing from Another World (Running Times)

Various prints of The Thing from Another World (1951) run at different lengths. The 1954 re-issue was allegedly trimmed and served as the basis of many early TV prints. I’m pretty certain the early VidAmerica Laserdisc, which runs at 86 minutes was taken from a 16mm print. It’s grainy, but is advertised as the original uncut version. However it’s still missing some minor footage including an abrupt splice of a sled-dog scene right before the saucer is found in the ice.

The Turner Collector’s Edition laserdisc runs 87 minutes as does the original DVD release. I can’t find my Blu-ray disc.

Some have claimed the original ‘51 release included scenes with scientists hanging upside down in the greenhouse, but at least one actor (Robert Cornthwaite) from the film claimed those shots we never filmed.

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