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The Cliff Monster (1960)

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Here’s Youtube link and some screen shots from the Bob Burns and Paul and Jackie Blaisdell home movie film “The Cliff Monster”. This would be the last film of a Blaisdell creation. The monster/puppet used a clock drive mechanism, which anticipated Carlo Rambaldi’s ET and CE3K aliens by near 20 years.

Dr. Syn on Disney 8mm

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Time to get the projector out for Halloween!

8mm Footage – Bray Studios

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Terrific home movie footage during making of Dracula Prince of Darkness, with Christopher Lee and friends commenting.

8mm Night!

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I love getting this old projector out. The thing smells of burnt lubricants and metal.





Castle Films No. 849

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A & C Meet Franky_8mm_CF#849

I couldn’t resist watching this little gem on Walpurgis Night.  I wonder how many people on any given night drag out an old Bell & Howell 8mm projector to watch A&C Meet Franky?  This is a terrific Castle Films edit approximately 9 minutes long, with dialogue card inserts.  Castle Film cuts right to the chase with Walter Lantz’s animated Bela-bat flying to the castle and Lenore Aubert’s Dr. Mornay working on the Monster.  I remember watching this at Shakey’s Pizza in Calumet City, Illinois (home of the Blues Brothers!).

8mm Frame_CF#849

Year’s ago in the 70’s my dad used to tell me that kids missed out on seeing the fun movies in a drive-in setting.  Before the days of video tapes we would pull out these old 8mm films or flag the TV guide for weekly gems on WGN’s Creature Features, Screaming Yellow Theater or, later Son of Sven. Man, those were wonderful times.  Now we have crap remakes of Evil Dead and Marvel superhero sequels.  Go Bela go.


Scott MacGillivray, 2004. Castle Films: A Hobbyist’s Guide. iUniverse, Inc.

Shakey’s Last Gasp

Shakey’s Commercial 1978