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Fiji Mermaid, iPhone 6S+

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Sasquatch, iPhone 6S+

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Lake Monster?

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I noticed a surface ripple in the Sydney Royal Botanical Garden pond (that spade-shaped surface water body, below), approximately 300 feet from Sydney Harbor.  At first I thought it was a snake, but it was clearly an aquatic denizen. I managed these shots below….



Aha!  No cryptid or lake monster here. It’s an eel!




Behold Plaster Cast Sasquatch!

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Man, I scored this monstrosity at an antique mall in Auburn, Indiana. I am certain under this lead-coated figure lies a solid gold gem-encrusted Gigantopithecus! $30! 

New Iceman Book

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New translation of Bernard Heuvelmans’ L’énigme de l’homme congelé.

Tully Monster Solved

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A team of scientists with varied backgrounds have suggested that the enigmatic “Tully Monster” fossil organism (late Carboniferous Maxon Creek biota of Illinois) is a proto-lamprey. This is based on analysis of over 1,200 fossils and a weight of evidence approach identifying vertebrate features, including: presence of 1) notochord, 2) gill pouches, 3) myomeres (muscle striations), 4) fins, 5) optic stalks and lobes, and 6) a toothed buccal cavity. In the past this organism was thought to be anything from a worm, gastropod, conodont to arthropod (invertebrates).


Above: Modern reconstruction of Tullimonstrum gregarium, compared to a modern lamprey, Below:


Here are some other historical reconstructions and fossil images. 

Field Museum Link

Scientific American Article

Giant Squid!

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Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.05.20 PM

Somehow this creature doesn’t look as ferocious as the one that attacked the Nautilus. This giant Squid (Architeuthis sp.) showed up in Toyama Bay, Japan. A lucky diver caught the action. Live Giant squid have only been captured on film or video a few times so this is a very rare occurrence. This one looks beat up to me with plenty of scars on the mantle and arms.  Unfortunately we don’t see a distant vantage point to view the long tentacles.

Toyama Bay