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Trickery with models, snow, and digital manipulations!

Modern Day Dragon?

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Shot with Pentax KP. 55-300mm @ 300mm.



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While in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I picked up this 1896 color lithograph print by naturalist Richard Lydekker. It’s a Thylacine, an extinct marsupial carnivore once found in Tasmania. Some people believe there are remnant populations still around in the rural areas of Tasmania. The proprietor of the antique book store from which I purchased the print conveyed a story which I will paraphrase.

Some time ago a Tasmanian woman was in the shop, and thumbing through some prints came across a sketch of a Tasmanian Tiger. She nonchalantly noted, as if talking about the weather, that she had once seen a “tiger” some 30 years ago crossing a road in Tasmania. The shape and stripes, and low drooping hind-quarters were unmistakeable.

Here’s a famous water color by AE King, available as a post card from the Museum of Natural History in Sydney.

Here’s a reconstuction of an ancient Thylacine from the Sydney Museum.

Weird Abyssal Fish Re-Discovered

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This is one weird looking fish pulled up in a deep-sea net off the coast of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (Tasman Sea?). The last one observed was seen over 100 years ago.

Fiji Mermaid, iPhone 6S+

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Sasquatch, iPhone 6S+

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Lake Monster?

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I noticed a surface ripple in the Sydney Royal Botanical Garden pond (that spade-shaped surface water body, below), approximately 300 feet from Sydney Harbor.  At first I thought it was a snake, but it was clearly an aquatic denizen. I managed these shots below….



Aha!  No cryptid or lake monster here. It’s an eel!