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Modern Day Dragon?

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Shot with Pentax KP. 55-300mm @ 300mm.


Happy 100th Dino!

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Lightsaber in Godzilla (1954)!

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Well sort of. When Gojira first appears we see a fellow with a Graflex camera and flash. Luke’s lightsaber was fabricated out of a vintage Graflex light flash, which are now hard to come by.

Graflex Cameras

Article on Fan-Made Lightsabers


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Riverview Amusement Park

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While digging around on some aerial photographic archives I found an image from 1938 showing Chicago’s now defunct Riverview Amusement Park (1904-1967).  You can see some of the amusement park rides (the Chutes and the Bobs) and other features. That’s the north branch of the Chicago River on the top of the image.  I also pulled an old map off Pinterest showing site attractions.

0bwq07067 1938

Map of Riverview

Map of Riverview


Image Source

1937-1947 Aerial Photos of Illinois

Zombie Poison

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I was cleaning up a bit and found this on one of my book shelves. Of course this was the basis for the Wade Davis best-seller and film “The Serpent and the Rainbow”. However, this is real.