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Baltic Amber with Dipteran

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Possibly Family Tipulidae —A fossil crane fly.

Monsters from the ID2

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Using Craiyon

RIP Betty White

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Amazing talent over 8 decades. She was so funny, especially on the Mary Tyler Moore show. RIP Betty White who passed away just shy of 100.

RIP John Madden

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Whether you’re a football fan, gamer, or “turducken” aficionado, John Madden was an undeniable original and pioneer in TV broadcasting. RIP John Madden and thoughts out to his family, friends, Raider Nation and the rest of the NFL community.

RIP Sir Sean Connery

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Terrific actor who was so much more than just Bond. Rest in peace.


Indicator #80

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Indicator’s The Camp on Blood Island arrived! This is part of Indicator’s Hammer Vol. 3 “Blood and Terror” box set. I even have the pulp paperback reprint from 1974, originally published in 1958 by Panther Books. The novel was adapted from the screenplay co-written by Val Guest and J.M. White.

Joe 90 Glasses!

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I love the British show The Repair Shop now streaming on Netflix. These talented fixer-uppers can repair and restore anything including vintage Dalek toys, clocks, furniture, musical instruments and music boxes. In Episode 4 this fellow even dons “Joe 90” glasses! Nothing like a pat on the back to Gerry and Sylvia!


Thylacine Prints

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Nice historical renders of the Tasmanian tiger. The last illustration (circa 1870) was done by Harriet Scott (1832-1910), Colonial NSW, AU, who is best known for her contributions to Lepidoptera.


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In the original classic Creature from the Black Lagoon there’s a scene where Julie Adams refers to an ancient surviving fish called a Kamongo. That’s a colloquial name for lungfish —a Lazarus species that has survived from the Devonian Period. Here’s an artistic render.

Apparently you can eat them.



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