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Thylacine Prints

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Nice historical renders of the Tasmanian tiger. The last illustration (circa 1870) was done by Harriet Scott (1832-1910), Colonial NSW, AU, who is best known for her contributions to Lepidoptera.


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In the original classic Creature from the Black Lagoon there’s a scene where Julie Adams refers to an ancient surviving fish called a Kamongo. That’s a colloquial name for lungfish —a Lazarus species that has survived from the Devonian Period. Here’s an artistic render.

Apparently you can eat them.



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RIP Carol Lynley

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Hard to believe Carol Lynley was 77. Here she is with Darren McGaven in The Night Stalker (1972).

Grim Reaper!

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Roger Corman’s Guardians of the Galaxy

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Haaaa! A very poor mashup I worked up. StarCrash is actually a fun romp. Tessier would have made a good Drax and Caroline a stunning Gamora.

Roger Corman presents “Guardians of the Galaxy” (1979) starring David Hasselhoff as Peter Quill, Caroline Munro as Gamora, Robert Tessier as Drax the Destroyer, Hamilton Camp as Rocket and Salvatore Baccaro as Groot.

The Lady from the Black Lagoon

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Yawn. Such anger. Unfortunately I can’t recommend this new biography. While I think it is important to recognize Milicent Patrick’s contributions as a creative designer, Author O’Meara’s edgy millennial prose and jabs at men detract from an interesting life.

You’ll be better off to look up the male published May 1954 Mechanix Illustrated article (with the creature cover) which recognized Patrick as the Gillman designer.