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William Grefe

Posted in Bad Films I Love, Old School with tags on April 13, 2016 by MONSTERMINIONS

Good shot of director and jack of all trades William Grefe at Cinema Wasteland, April 2016. Bill dropped by our table and shared stories about rattlesnakes, sharks, giant jellyfish monsters, bikers, and shooting gorilla-style in Florida. Good show Bill!

IMDb Bio

Lumiere Sound Diaphragm

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While taking a breather in Jerome, Arizona, I bumped into these retronauts jammin’ away in public to 78s spun on this mechanical marvel patented by Frenchman Louis Lumiere. I’m quite fascinated by the technology using a vaned metal baffle to radiate sound.


I was amazed at the amount of volume and fidelity this ancient sound reproducer kicked out.

Here’s a few more schematics from the original patent.



Good show!


Rega RP6 Turntable

Posted in Old School with tags on February 21, 2015 by MONSTERMINIONS

2015-02-21 at 11-15-03

I bit the bullet and upgraded to an RP6 after a comfortable year with Rega’s entry level RP1 turntable with a Bias 2 cartridge. This new platform improves in so many areas beginning with an award-winning tone arm, plinth bracing, more stable motor, an extraneous power supply and speed regulator, float glass platter (the glass is flawlessly flat through a process where the malleable glass is floated on molten tin), better feet, and thick RCA cords.  I have it plumbed through a Bellari VP130 Preamp and a Rega Brio-R amp, suitably channeled through two PMC TB2’s.  I splurged with a new cartridge −Rega’s top of the line moving magnet Exact.

Miles Davis’ horn now floats in air in So What. George Winston’s piano sits in my living room in Windam Hill’s December (1982) and Cat Stevens is finally speaking to me through Tea for the Tillerman. Bravo. Life is too short to listen to synthetic music through an iPhone.

Tor Johnson with Hair!

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The Super Swedish Angel!



Inflatable Drive-In Theater

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Danny Boy Drive-In Screen

This past Friday I drove out to Ionia, west Michigan, with my brother to check out a bouble bill at the Danny Boy Drive-In.  They had Edge of Tomorrow (enthusiastic yes) and Godzilla playing. Remember going to the Drive-In and the marquee film always played last? Not at the Danny Boy!  Tom Cruise was getting killed right at sunset. I’d say there were 30 to 40 cars of families and couples out there.

The clover and grass field is nice, but tucked away near the Ionia airport (a dinky puddle-jumper prop strip). We watched a few planes take off and land. It’s a bit tricky to navigate to —I was looking for a movie screen, but Google maps put us there.  The screen is an inflatable type, but image quality from the digital projector was good.  The screen is showing some signs of re-inflation/deflation artifacts and weathering, but it did not distract from the film.  Sound quality is bass heavy and tunes into an FM broadcast through your car radio.  We sat on lawn chairs. Having both seen Godzilla, we left after Edge of Tomorrow.

The Danny Boy has a big concession house loaded with the usual. There’s also plenty of activites for kids, with an open field with kick balls. Danny Boy makes an appearance and dances around with kids and fans. I am envious of his lawn chair.

Price was $20 for two and a food permit (my only quibble —Boooo!).

We had a fun time and will return.

Danny Boy and Friend


Record Store Day

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Record Store Day 2014 Vertigo

Anyone that thinks vinyl is a dead media format should pop into Grand Rapid’s (Michigan) own Vertigo Music on Record Store Day.  The place was lit up with audiophiles, neo-grunge hipsters, purists, retronauts and contortionists bending their bodies in extraordinary ways to grab LP re-issues such as Are You Experienced? (1967) MONO 180gram weight. Think of Jack Black in High Fidelity.  I managed to score Springsteen’s 4 track LP American Beauty (which isn’t very good —Springsteen has lost it), because I am insane waiting in line for crap such as that, but redeemed myself with an orange-gold vinyl reissue of The Doors Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine (a 1972 greatest compilation and the first Doors greatest hits album released after Morrison’s death), a Blue Note 75th single of Albert Ammons Boogie Woogie Stomp / Boogie Woogie Blues, Are You Experienced (MONO), plus some other items.

I had a limited VU black and white pressing of Loaded, but thought to myself why do I need another copy of this?  Someone grabbed it as I motioned to put it back.  The Jimi Hendrix album is really nice. Sometimes these mono re-issues are just sublime and this one was worth my wait.  Kudos to Herm and the guys at Vertigo who did a great job this past weekend.

Vertigo Music Guys

The Doors

The Zombie Hunter

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My buddy Si sent me this. He spotted it in the Calumet Region.