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Robert Horton LP

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Guy is a decent singer! Of course we all know him from The Green Slime.

Monster Kid Radio #287: Cat People

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Fun time discussing Cat People with Derek!



Lon Chaney Star

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Stones on the Black Cat Label

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Scored this today. Looking forward to spinning this one.

Taiwanese LPs

Tribute to Vince Rotolo

Posted in Old School, RIP with tags , on April 28, 2016 by MONSTERMINIONS

I was saddened today to learn of the passing of b-movie archivist, podcaster, retroist and genuinely nice guy Vince Rotolo. Sometime before I ever knew what a blog or podcast was, I took to the internet searching the phrase “B Movie” and stumbled upon a curious site that opened up my world to film genre like Giallo and Sword & Sandal. I had always been a fan of fantasy films but through Vince’s podcast world I learned so much more. I picked up the phone and called him and pitched the idea of a podcast topic on Mad Scientists, focusing on Slavic inventor Nikola Tesla, who served as a prototype for many celluloid heroes and villains. Vince immediately accepted and we cut Episode #48. To this day, I think it is the only stand alone “B-Movie Cast” that focuses on a topic rather than a film.

Vince was willing to try new things. A few times I poked him —joking, that a featured film like Blade Runner or perhaps Forbidden Planet wasn’t a B-Movie. Vince those were top tier A pictures with large budgets. Another time, for show #300 I bitched about some “crappy Robin Williams film” and he laughed and the bullets would bounce off him and he would quip: I don’t care it’s my podcast and I’ll do what I want. And that he did. Vince ran a wonderful show and kept the community engaged.

One time a clueless iTunes reviewer commented that Vince’s delivery was comparable to watching paint dry. Vince laughed it off in a dry deprecating humor Bob Newhart would admire. The reviewer missed the point of Vince and his world. He wasn’t supposed to be a professional and boy could he hack Stanley Kubrick’s name. Here was a former HAM radio operator who had found a new medium and man did he improve upon it with a fanatical obsession of technical prowess fortified with millions of miles of electrical wires and duct tape.

I finally met Vince and Mary at Ron’s Monster Bash. I thought here is a guy so cool, with a vintage LP collection, Klypsch La Scala speakers, and an encyclopedic memory of old films, he was like an older brother I never had. We struck up a friendship and he expanded my world. I am a blogger entirely because of Vince’s passion for old (and new) films.

From my vantage, Vince leaves a legacy of 374 unique insights into genre film and a time-capsule of early 21st pop culture. He helped define the podcast movement and changed the world one freak at a time. As far as I am concerned those podcasts belong in the Smithsonian.

Heartfelt condolences to Mary, the Rotolo family, Nic, Juan and the extended b-movie cast family.


William Grefe

Posted in Bad Films I Love, Old School with tags on April 13, 2016 by MONSTERMINIONS

Good shot of director and jack of all trades William Grefe at Cinema Wasteland, April 2016. Bill dropped by our table and shared stories about rattlesnakes, sharks, giant jellyfish monsters, bikers, and shooting gorilla-style in Florida. Good show Bill!

IMDb Bio

Lumiere Sound Diaphragm

Posted in Old School with tags on March 10, 2015 by MONSTERMINIONS

While taking a breather in Jerome, Arizona, I bumped into these retronauts jammin’ away in public to 78s spun on this mechanical marvel patented by Frenchman Louis Lumiere. I’m quite fascinated by the technology using a vaned metal baffle to radiate sound.


I was amazed at the amount of volume and fidelity this ancient sound reproducer kicked out.

Here’s a few more schematics from the original patent.



Good show!