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RIP Lawrence Montaigne, 1931-2017

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RIP Patrick Macnee

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Doctor Who: The Web of Fear (1968)

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Many years ago, after Jackie Gleason passed away several videotaped episodes of the Honeymooners were discovered and released through Gleason’s estate. I’ve seen some of the lost shows, and having watched the syndicated classics over and over (Norton: “Helloooooo ball….”) the newly discovered episodes were disappointing. Ralph wasn’t Ralph and the vide wasn’t the same. I can’t say the same about The Web of Fear (1968), one of nine lost Doctor Who programmes recently discovered in a tape archive at the television station in Nigeria. The good doctor’s second incarnation from 1966-1969 was played by London-borne actor Patrick Troughton (The Omen, 1976; Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, 1977; Hamlet, 1948). In The Web of Fear (1968, six parts), the Doctor and his companions Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines) and Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watling) battle robotic “Yetis” dwelling in a London subway.


The Web of Fear is more or less a sequel to an earlier Doctor Who programme The Abominable Snowmen (1967), where the Doctor and friends encounter Professor Travers, mysterious silver orbs, an ancient sword, monks, gurus, yetis and an ancient relic the “Holy Ghanta” in a monastery in the Himalayan Mountains. In The Web of Fear, an inanimate Yeti is archived away as a museum piece by Professor Travers’ colleague Silverstein. Travers warns Silverstein about the danger of the Yeti, but the curator will have none of that. We soon learn that a silver orb controls the beast and Silverstein comes face to face with a Yeti.



I like the design of the Yetis, which are shaggy and rotund, with owl-like luminescent eyes, featureless faces, with stocky claws and bi-pedal stance. They look more a kin to something fabricated in a Jim Henson studio or the Rankin/Bass Bumble from Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer (1964) than the popular perception of a hairy, lean, muscular and ferocious anthroponoid. The Yetis also carry sidearms which spit out a silk-like substance, hence “Web of Fear,” that immobilizes both the TARDIS, people and mechanical devices. The script refers to the Yeti webbing as a fungi, which draws attention to the Martian weed in H.G. Wells War of the Worlds.


Patrick Troughton was well cast as Doctor Who. I like the forced Beatle mop top on a 40-something year old man. It was obvious that the BBC was going for a more youthful and hip approach after William Hartnell, who was in his mid to late 50’s as the Doctor. Troughton’s doctor seems technically adept fiddling with apparatus and improving the efficiency of the TARDIS. Here are a few screen captures.




The Web of Fear is currently available as a down-load fron iTunes ($10). Episode 3 is still lost, but the episode was restored using several stills and audio tracks. I think most Doctor Who fans would have been happy just with reconstructed episodes, but seeing these classic programmes for the first time is really special. Doctor Who: The Web of Fear is not just for fans of the long showing series. I think all sci-fi genre enthusiasts will celebrate this find. The Web of Fear garners my vote for essential viewing and one of the significant finds in the last few years.


Lost Dr. Who

D. Coleman, 2012. The Bigfoot Filmography, McFarland. Pages 112-115 devoted to the Doctor Who Yeti episodes.

In Search of… Box Set (2012)

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in Search of…

Extraterrestrials… Magic & Witchcraft… Missing Persons… Myths & Monsters… Lost Civilizations… Strange Phenomena…

This series presents information based in part on theory and conjecture. The producers purpose is to suggest some possible explanations but not necessarily the only ones to the mysteries we will examine.

When I was a kid, I read a book The Bermuda Triangle by Charles Berlitz. The book started my life-long fascination with the unexplained.

The TV series In Search Of (1976-1982) also offered a glimpse into weird phenomena. Now the entire series is available as a 21 disc set, comprised of the original 144 Leonard Nimoy episodes, plus the short run Mitch Pileggi hosted episodes from 2002 (the Nikola Tesla segment being the highlight of this series). The set also includes a bonus disc including Ancient Astronauts and Ancient Mysteries, hosted by Rod Serling. All this is packaged as seven separate DVD cases, each containing 3 discs, within a cool cardboard enclosure.

The original Nimoy episodes are the bomb and bring back nostalgic memories. The topics are varied, ranging from Nazi Treasures, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Harry Houdini, The Bermuda Triangle, and ESP. My favorite? I love The Caste of Secrets (Season 5) about the mysterious Coral Castle, near Homestead, Florida, and built by Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1955). How that guy moved those gigantic blocks of limestone continues to puzzle me to this very day.

Now I need to stop blogging and catchup on a box of In Search Of…


Kolchak: Episode 5, The Werewolf (1974)

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Admittedly the story you are about to read is bizarre incredible. Those of you who wish to avoid being unsettled, who wish to avoid thinking will label it insane. And though you the reader will find the facts almost impossible to substantiate, that does not change their nature… Facts they are. I know. I saw them happen…
C. Kolchak.

Back in the day I rarely missed an episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Whether the seedy reporter (Darren McGaven) was battling Jack the Ripper, a zombie, or an evil Hindu entity the Raksasha, the mossman Père Malfait, a bi-pedal lizard-man or editor Tony Vincenzo (Simon Oakland), Carl Kolchak always delivered. One of my favorite episodes has Kolchak taking a break on a cruise ship terrorized by a werewolf (soap opera star Eric Braedon). When vacationers start dropping Carl gets suspicious and witnesses first hand the wrath of the lycanthrope.

The ever resourceful Kolchak tracks down a propane torch and a shotgun, procures silver from the ship captain’s jacket buttons, and casts silver slugs in the confines of his cabin. He even gets a priest to bless the silver bullets in Latin. Watch out werewolf! Actually, the werewolf makeup is nothing to write home about (plenty of grease paint). Some of the most effective scenes show the title creature lurking around the ship’s deck in shadows. Oddly, Kolchak’s silver slugs fail to stop the hairy beast and it’s up to some creative stunt work and open water to end the curse of the werewolf. They don’t make ’em like they used to!

List of Kolchak TV Episodes

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Dark Shadows Werewolf Kit

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Check out this cool model kit my buddy Mike put together and painted. Pretty good likeness! Compare to the real thing.



Happy 64th Brent

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It’s hard to believe this guy is 64.