RIP Peggy Cummings

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Ant Man

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Trickery with models, snow, and digital manipulations!

Criterion Kaiju

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I’ve been watching the Criterion Showa series Toho films now streaming on FilmStruck. Eventually we’ll see them on DVD and Blu-ray. In all, there are 14 films. Only “Ebirah” and “Hedorah” are missing from the original Showa Godzillas. This is the first time I had seen the bizarre Son of Godzilla in the original Japanese anamorphic print. The ending of that film is surreal. The prints look superb. There are few supplements in the streamed versions.


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RIP Conrad Brooks

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Fleischer Animation Process

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Here’s a figure excerpted from Max Fleischer’s Patent #2,054,414 for the stereoptic process. This begets a weird quasi-3D effect seen in many of the Fleischer cartoons in the 1930’s (e.g. Dancing on the Moon (1935) and several old Popeye shorts). Items No. 27, 33 and 34 are not fans, but color wheels for changing the mood of an animation scene. Note there are up to 5 planes behind the animation cell. Disney studios’ Bill Garity and Roger Broggie later advanced (copied?) the concept by developing the “multiplane camera” put to extensive use in Bambi (1942).