Gene Simmons

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KISS put on a great show at Van Andel Arena.

RIP King Kong Bundy

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Man, these guys are dropping like flies. King Kong was one of the greats and a terrific presence and showman.

Pareidolia Effect

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I took this shot of a seed pod coated with a thin veneer of ice. As I was editing the image I noticed a strange alien-looking face embedded under the ice. This is the so-called pareidolia effect. Or is it?


Academy Awards 2019

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Booo hiss shame on the Academy. No recognition for Julie Adams and Dick Miller. Nice to see Stan Lee tribute.

RIP Peter Tork

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Obit Chicago Trib

RIP Julie Adams

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RIP Dick Miller

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The ever versatile Dick Miller has died. Miller had nearly 200 acting credits according to IMDb, but I best remember him from low-budget Corman quickies and Joe Dante films of the 80’s. He was 90.