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Memory: The Origins of Alien (2019)

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This new documentary by director Alexandre O. Philippe is about as good as it gets for a synopsis on the making of Alien (1979). Only aspects on the mechanical designs by Italian prop wizard Carlo Rambaldi and the man-in-suit performance by Nigerian Bolaji Badejo, and perhaps a segment on the scoring (Jerry Goldsmith) are lacking from the otherwise nearly complete documentary. I found the comparisons to films of Robert Altman absolutely fascinating. This film includes anecdotes from several cast members. The focus is on the origin and genesis of the story, by Dan O’Bannon, and his collaboration with surrealist H.R. Giger.

There’s also a segment referring to the inspiration of the chest-burster being paintings by Francis Bacon (1909-1992), especially Three Studies of Figures at the Base of a Cruxifixion (1944).

This was a top-notch documentary that fans of Alien will absolutely devour.

Alien Covenant “Monkey-Alien”

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Alien Conenant’s xenomorph looks like an Alien-Monkey hybrid. 


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I’ve been playing around with this 1970’s Russian Industar-69 lens on a digital camera. Nice vintage look.


Fossil Alien?

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Check out this fossil. It looks a bit like an adult alien, as conceptualized by Giger. This is actually the snout of a late Cretaceous “Hell Creek” fossil therapod Nanotyrannus found as a “dueling dinos” death assemblage. It was for sale -only 7 to 9 million USD. I wonder if it sold?
Bonham’s Distinguished Fossils Catalogue

Alien Test Footage

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Super 7 Alien

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Check this out. I can’t wait for these puppies:



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