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Kolchak: Episode 5, The Werewolf (1974)

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Admittedly the story you are about to read is bizarre incredible. Those of you who wish to avoid being unsettled, who wish to avoid thinking will label it insane. And though you the reader will find the facts almost impossible to substantiate, that does not change their nature… Facts they are. I know. I saw them happen…
C. Kolchak.

Back in the day I rarely missed an episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Whether the seedy reporter (Darren McGaven) was battling Jack the Ripper, a zombie, or an evil Hindu entity the Raksasha, the mossman Père Malfait, a bi-pedal lizard-man or editor Tony Vincenzo (Simon Oakland), Carl Kolchak always delivered. One of my favorite episodes has Kolchak taking a break on a cruise ship terrorized by a werewolf (soap opera star Eric Braedon). When vacationers start dropping Carl gets suspicious and witnesses first hand the wrath of the lycanthrope.

The ever resourceful Kolchak tracks down a propane torch and a shotgun, procures silver from the ship captain’s jacket buttons, and casts silver slugs in the confines of his cabin. He even gets a priest to bless the silver bullets in Latin. Watch out werewolf! Actually, the werewolf makeup is nothing to write home about (plenty of grease paint). Some of the most effective scenes show the title creature lurking around the ship’s deck in shadows. Oddly, Kolchak’s silver slugs fail to stop the hairy beast and it’s up to some creative stunt work and open water to end the curse of the werewolf. They don’t make ’em like they used to!

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