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I love old, low-budget horror and sci-fi films.  I found myself writing about them all the time on another platform, so I decided “what the hell” I’ll blog away. Besides horror and sci-fi films, I dig film noir, westerns, war flicks (especially prisoner of war films -The Bridge on the River Kwai is one of my favs), suspense, slap-stick and many other genres.  To me, it doesn’t get much better than the ’51 version of The Thing.

My favorite directors are Jacques Tourneur, John Ford, Akira Kurosawa, Frank Capra, Roger Corman, Hitchcock, and Werner Herzog.   I’m a photography buff -love lo-fi and big fan of the Holga, Diana, and LOMO cameras. I have far too many hobbies to mention, but like to fish, home brew, and build things.  I’m an ENTP (Rational-Inventor) on the Myers-Briggs personality sorter profile, which explains why I have so many interests I think.  I have a girlfriend and she is a very tolerant and patient woman.

This blog is about my appreciation and preservation of B-Movies.  I don’t restore film, but in a way I’m an archivist in the sense of hoarding thousands of laserdiscs, videotapes, DVDs, DVD-R’s, BlueRays and now digital copies of just about any weird-ass movies I can get my hands on…

Have fun and keep watching the skies….


18 Responses to “About The Blogger”

  1. Hi Barry:
    Very interesting site. What’s the “still searching” sidebar?

    • Two films I am looking for-

      Phil Tucker’s Space Jockey was his self-admitted piece of crap. That’s pretty bad when he directed Robot Monster.
      I’m also looking for Secret of Telegian. Japanese flick!

  2. Guess what you’re looking for is “Densō Ningen”, the unedited 95-minute color version of “Secret Of The Telegian”. I didn’t know this version existed until recently, and the 85-minute b/w version is the only one I remember watching growing up.
    About “Space Jockey” the IMDB says “neither a print of that film nor any evidence that it was made exists.” Phil Tucker may have just been putting on the Medveds when he said that for their “Golden Turkey Awards” book.

  3. Glenzilla54 Says:

    Hey Barry! It’s great what your doing! Very impressed. Love those older movies. I don’t like CGI or animation in general (except for stop motion and some looney tunes). Nothing beats a guy in a rubber suit. Most people today are into style not substance, they are to sophisticated. I feel sorry for those that can’t see the joy these old movies can provide. Keep up the great work! Taking the road less travelled makes all the difference.
    Take care, (searching for monster island) Glenzilla54

  4. looks great, gonna follow you… thanks for your stuff

    ps maybe not your style, but did you check prometheus yet?

  5. Glenzilla54 Says:

    Happy New year Barry! Here’s a new year resolution, I want to watch Godzilla vs Megalon on dvd! Do you know when it’s coming out? I thought it was supposed to be out in November (according to Amazon). Love your very professional site (keep it going!), Also love the Godzilla tree! It’s good to know their are people out there that appreciate the same things I do.
    Still searching for monster island! Glenzilla54

  6. Glenzilla54 Says:

    Hey Barry! I saw Roger Waters perform his new take on the Wall in Vancouver B.C. It was the best concert I ever attended! It’s great to watch an artist pull out all the stops. Roger still has the energy and passion! The demographic of those who attended the show was across the board, you had everything from aging hippies to the post punk crowd and lots in between. A truly inspiring evening! Take care, Glenzilla54

  7. Awesome Site! I’m loving this!

  8. Can your blog be ‘followed’?

  9. joeyherschel Says:

    A friend sent me this link today and it looked like something you’d post here. I hope it’s not too much of a repeat for you if you have. I’ve been following for a long time but I don’t comment much. Cheers! http://pinktentacle.com/2011/01/illustrated-anatomy-of-gamera-and-foes/

  10. berthickman Says:

    Hi Barry,

    I think I recognize the big tanks with the large columns and toroids at the top in the film Unknown World (1951, dir. Terrell O’ Morse). They weren’t Tesla Coils. Instead, they look like cascade transformers that were part of the General Electric High Voltage Laboratory in Pittsfield, MA. Each transformer developed 350,000 volts, and three were connected in series to develop over 1 million volts AC. See the following image:

    Hope this helps,


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