Roger Corman’s Guardians of the Galaxy

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Haaaa! A very poor mashup I worked up. StarCrash is actually a fun romp. Tessier would have made a good Drax and Caroline a stunning Gamora.

Roger Corman presents “Guardians of the Galaxy” (1979) starring David Hasselhoff as Peter Quill, Caroline Munro as Gamora, Robert Tessier as Drax the Destroyer, Hamilton Camp as Rocket and Salvatore Baccaro as Groot.

King G was Red, White and Blue?

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This comes from Toho SFX Movies Authentic Visual Book, Vol. 20, King Ghidorah 1964. King G with blue-gold heads and necks, and red-white-blue wings. Later, script writer Keiko Suzuki suggested to Eiji Tsuburaya that the monster should be gold, hailing from venus! I do like this color variant though.

The Lady from the Black Lagoon

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Yawn. Such anger. Unfortunately I can’t recommend this new biography. While I think it is important to recognize Milicent Patrick’s contributions as a creative designer, Author O’Meara’s edgy millennial prose and jabs at men detract from an interesting life.

You’ll be better off to look up the male published May 1954 Mechanix Illustrated article (with the creature cover) which recognized Patrick as the Gillman designer.

RIP Larry Cohen

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I’m bit late on posting this. Cohen was a very talented director and writer who carved a niche in low-budget horror films. “Q” still holds its own and I watch it at least once a year.

Babel Fish

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This is so bizarre to me. Jung coined the term “synchronicity” or a meaningful coincidence. How it might be meaningful to me I have no idea. Here’s the story—

Last night I picked up a 4-pack of Nordic lingonberry sour ale from a local tasting room brew pub “Speciation”. The ale had a vaguely familiar whimsical fish on the label.

This morning I was flipping through random crap on the internet and the BABEL FISH pops up. It’s the same freakin’ thing on the beer label! Obviously, the folks at Speciation are fans of the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, but I’m still weirded out about the coincidence.

Babel Fish Hearing Aid

Godzilla’s #ucked

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RIP Dan Blankenship

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Sorry to hear about the passing of legendary Oak Island treasure hunter Dan Blankenship. He was 95. Dan garnered respect in recent years from layperson and specialists for 50 years of hard work, conveyed on History Channel’s Curse of Oak Island. Even during this season’s series his mind seemed sharp. RIP Dan!

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