RIP Yvette Mimieux

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RIP Marvin Lee Aday (aka “Loaf” Errr Meat Loaf)

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Tip of the hat to Christopher Lee. Thoughts out to Meat Loaf, family, friends and fans. He was quite an act.

RIP Betty White

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Amazing talent over 8 decades. She was so funny, especially on the Mary Tyler Moore show. RIP Betty White who passed away just shy of 100.

RIP John Madden

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Whether you’re a football fan, gamer, or “turducken” aficionado, John Madden was an undeniable original and pioneer in TV broadcasting. RIP John Madden and thoughts out to his family, friends, Raider Nation and the rest of the NFL community.

Definitely Shuma-Gorath

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Screen capture from the forthcoming Doctor Strange sequel film In The Multiverse Of Madness (May 2022). Shuma-Gorath is a powerful entity at the deity level. Strange will have his hands full. Some pundits have suggested this being is “Gargantos” based off the Lego toy release, but this is definitely Shuma-Gorath.

Glow Scary Monsters

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Oooh. The latest Scary Monsters magazine has a glow-in-the-dark cover. It’s pretty cool.

The Bloody Vampire

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Santo & The Treasure of Dracula

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RIP William Smith

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RIP Felix Silla

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Sorry to hear of the passing of Felix Silla. I remember him best as the villain in the Maltese Falcon spoof “The Black Bird”, but he appeared in a lot of TV and other films. RIP!