RIP Ray Liotta

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I’ve probably watched “Good Fellas” one-hundred times and Ray Liotta is a key reason. RIP.

Giant Tree Squid

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Giant Tree squid emerging for a bank snack on the Big Sable River, Ludington State Park, Michigan.

Monster from Green Hell (1958/New 4K Blu-ray)

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Nice update from The Film Detective includes final color film sequence and sharp 4K remaster. I had never taken notice of the python-Wasp animated sequence by Gene Warren before, but here it really pops out. Wah Chang’s wasps have never looked better. There’s also a short documentary on Jim Davis and an audio commentary track. I’d put this film in the lower tier of giant bug films of the 50s but it is infinitely better than most of this CGI crap cranked out in the streaming world.

RIP James Bama

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RIP Veronica Carlson

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Sad to hear about the passing of Veronica Carlson. I was fortunate to have had lunch with her and a few other fans. She was an engaging conversationalist and sincere. RIP.

RIP Howard Hesseman

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Hesseman as WKRP’s Dr. Johnny Fever

RIP Charlie Brown (Peter Robbins)

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The original voice of Peanuts character Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins has died at 65. His was the definitive voice characterization. Details in Obit below.

Oh no! The Assman (Lou Cutell) died

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Image from Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster

Lou Cutell Obit

RIP Yvette Mimieux

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RIP Marvin Lee Aday (aka “Loaf” Errr Meat Loaf)

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Tip of the hat to Christopher Lee. Thoughts out to Meat Loaf, family, friends and fans. He was quite an act.