Godzilla versus Yeti

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An interesting photographic image has surfaced on a Yahoo Japan Auction site.  The seller notes this is a photographic still from King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962), but it’s not —the provenance, or at least the suits, are earlier from the mid-1950’s. That’s the “Abominable Snowman” suit from Toho’s Jû jin yuki otoko (1955). The Godzilla appears to be from Godzilla Raids Again (1955), or the Gyakushu-Godzilla suit (note notch in first dorsal fin, image from Becoming Godzilla website, below) from the same year.  I’m wondering if both films were shot simultaneously.  In any event, this is a back-stage shot either composed for promotional reasons, or possibly just a fun shot taken by a stage hand or fan.  Very cool.

Gyakushu_Godzilla Suit 1955

Rock and Sven!

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RIP Ib Melchior

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WWII hero and sci-fi visionary Ib Melchior recently died. He was 97.  I loved many of the scripts that he penned, including Reptilicus, The Angry Red Planet, and Robinson Crusoe on Mars, and many others.





King G

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The King

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Lumiere Sound Diaphragm

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While taking a breather in Jerome, Arizona, I bumped into these retronauts jammin’ away in public to 78s spun on this mechanical marvel patented by Frenchman Louis Lumiere. I’m quite fascinated by the technology using a vaned metal baffle to radiate sound.


I was amazed at the amount of volume and fidelity this ancient sound reproducer kicked out.

Here’s a few more schematics from the original patent.



Good show!



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