Alien: Covenant, One-Sheet

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Arrival (2016)

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I saw Arrival (2016) this evening.  The film is superb. During the finest moments with Amy Adams breaking down the Heptapod language the film entrances like few movie experiences.  At it’s worst it is ambiguous and confusing,with lapses of greatness, that still hold your attention to find out what this film is all about. Top 50 Sci-Fi ever and one of the finest alien encounter films made.

Amy Adams is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. Highest rating from this scientist – Five out of Five. Top notch. A more detailed review forthcoming after I see it again.

Almost a Super Moon!

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A day late, but managed a shot of this spectacular moon.



Grand Rapids Comic Con

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Behold Plaster Cast Sasquatch!

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Man, I scored this monstrosity at an antique mall in Auburn, Indiana. I am certain under this lead-coated figure lies a solid gold gem-encrusted Gigantopithecus! $30! 

Mattel Swamp Thing

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More pics of Swamp Thing using Sigma Quattro SD, with reversed 50mm f2.8 EL Nikkor.

Swamp Thing

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