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The Cliff Monster (1960)

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Here’s Youtube link and some screen shots from the Bob Burns and Paul and Jackie Blaisdell home movie film “The Cliff Monster”. This would be the last film of a Blaisdell creation. The monster/puppet used a clock drive mechanism, which anticipated Carlo Rambaldi’s ET and CE3K aliens by near 20 years.

Alien Covenant “Monkey-Alien”

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Alien Conenant’s xenomorph looks like an Alien-Monkey hybrid. 

RIP Lawrence Montaigne, 1931-2017

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Alien Covenant Face-Hugger

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And a few screen captures from the latest Red Band trailer for Alien Covenant (May 2017).

Aliens Attack!

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Monster from Green Hell

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Cool old lobby card from one of the lower budgeted “giant bug” films.


Rogue One Trailer #2 Shots

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