They Live LP

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They Live LP CoverAfter things settled down a bit, I returned to Vertigo Music to see if anything was left over after the Record Store Day maelstrom. I spotted this release from Death Waltz Recording Company, London.  My last Death Waltz purchase was the heavy weight 180gram The Fog, which had gorgeous packaging artwork and sound mastering.

They Live (1988) is an underrated John Carpenter gem. I don’t even have a copy of the film in any media format and it more or less drifted off my radar, but it is one of Carpenter’s best films.  This LP features fantastic and stark album cover artwork and posters by “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin.  The John Carpenter soundtrack is 80′s all the way with synthesizer, piano, and bass harmonica.

Side 1:

  1. Prologue Broadcast
  2. Coming to L.A.
  3. A Message
  4. The Seige of Justiceville
  5. Return to Church
  6. All Out of Bubble Gum

Side 2:

  1. Back To The Street
  2. Kidnapped
  3. Transient Hotel
  4. Underground
  5. Wake Up

Check out the vinyl.



Record Store Day

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Record Store Day 2014 Vertigo

Anyone that thinks vinyl is a dead media format should pop into Grand Rapid’s (Michigan) own Vertigo Music on Record Store Day.  The place was lit up with audiophiles, neo-grunge hipsters, purists, retronauts and contortionists bending their bodies in extraordinary ways to grab LP re-issues such as Are You Experienced? (1967) MONO 180gram weight. Think of Jack Black in High Fidelity.  I managed to score Springsteen’s 4 track LP American Beauty (which isn’t very good —Springsteen has lost it), because I am insane waiting in line for crap such as that, but redeemed myself with an orange-gold vinyl reissue of The Doors Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine (a 1972 greatest compilation and the first Doors greatest hits album released after Morrison’s death), a Blue Note 75th single of Albert Ammons Boogie Woogie Stomp / Boogie Woogie Blues, Are You Experienced (MONO), plus some other items.

I had a limited VU black and white pressing of Loaded, but thought to myself why do I need another copy of this?  Someone grabbed it as I motioned to put it back.  The Jimi Hendrix album is really nice. Sometimes these mono re-issues are just sublime and this one was worth my wait.  Kudos to Herm and the guys at Vertigo who did a great job this past weekend.

Vertigo Music Guys

The Doors

The Zombie Hunter

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My buddy Si sent me this. He spotted it in the Calumet Region.


Bigfoot Kit

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I picked up this Bigfoot model kit from Ron at Creepy Classics. This is a snap kit with glow in the dark parts. This amt kit is made in Kalkaska, Michigan.



Harper Goff Nautilus

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Saw this hanging in the Atlanta airport.


Swamphead (2013)

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My friend Joe discovered this Wisconsin-made indie monstrosity at the Cinema Wasteland con.  I couldn’t resist and picked up the autographed (“Get Some Head”) Collector’s Edition DVD from Briarwood Entertainment.   Swamphead (2013) is a funny, potentially offensive, and definitely vulgar hommage to countless floating head films from the 50′s-70′s.  The film has a 80′s vibe to it with characters dressed in rugby jerseys, big glasses and cinematography with numerous  point of view steady cam shots.  It is worth a peak, but don’t invite your grandmother.

The story is simple enough —a diver finds an ancient dagger at the bottom of a midwestern lake.


The relic unleashes the floating pissed-off disconnected head of Robert Gross (aka Swamphead) who seeks out and chews up everything including a dog, a Cabelas deer target, and several stupid teenagers.  The first victim is the diver who proudly displays the dagger on a shelf.  The guys is shredded in a swimming pool by Swamphead.  This prompts a hilarious forensic investigation and floating turd inspection.

Swampies first victim

“….and I don’t want anything falling through the cracks….”

Swamphead_Fecal Discovery

The severed head of Robert Gross goes on a killing rampage. In all of filmdom I can say with certainty that I’ve never seen anything quite like Swamphead.  I love how he shakes with rage and lunges forward like one of the killer lepus in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975). Swamphead doesn’t hold back −the movie is right in your face with this incredible prosthetic head that just demolishes flesh.  Rrrrrraaaaarrrrr.

Behold Swamphead

Directors Justin Propp and Dustin Drover have actually fabricated a fairly entertaining movie, probably best viewed after drinking several beers. Hey, I didn’t spot a single suspension wire!  I wish I had seen the morning screening with fans at Cinema Wasteland.  My only complaint would be the reliance on poop humor throughout most of the film.  I’m not a big fan of poop.  However, if you are looking for a film about a ravenous pissed-off head then this is your film.

Plus it has the immortal line:

Damn you Swamphead!

Damn you Swamphead!



RIP Mickey Rooney

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RIP Mr. Rooney….




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